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The Guggenheim Helsinki would boost business, investment and economic growth. Despite the benefits the iconic contempory art museum presents, debate about its future continues. Read more about Amcham’s position in the New York Times.


Summertime growth


Before moving to Finland four years ago, I had lived my whole life in warm sunny California. Well, apart from a few Navy postings to locations in even warmer climates. Now, I appreciate sunshine like never before. Trips to the summer cottage, mökki in Finnish, are a welcome reward for enduring long, harsh, winters. You may be keen to disconnect, but it’s important your business remains online, particularly if you are in the US market and trying to grow.

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Movers and Shakers. Your Amcham Community Update.

Trail blazing the American Dream


They are fresh, creative, dynamic, and increasing in numbers. They are young companies, aiming for fast development in the world’s largest consumer market, and beyond. Come and meet some of the faces from our Launchpad USA community.

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