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Shaping Finland’s future – a discussion with Minister for Foreign Trade Lenita Toivakka


Practical ways of boosting Finland’s competitiveness to offset the shrinking share from Russia were raised when business leaders met with Minister Foreign Trade Lenita Toivakka.

Championing the transatlantic trade partnership, leveraging the startup, education, ICT and life science sectors, were among the talking points at the meeting, hosted by the international business hub Amcham Finland.

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Charles Adams seeks to advance economic ties


Championing the transatlantic trade partnership will be a key priority for America’s ambassador-designate to Finland. International tax and policy lawyer Mr. Charles Adams has been nominated for the posting by U.S. President Barack Obama.

TTIP, Russia relations, and the innovation-led economy were among his talking points when he appeared before the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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The Guggenheim Helsinki would boost business, investment and economic growth. Despite the benefits the iconic contempory art museum presents, debate about its future continues. Read more about Amcham’s position in the New York Times.




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